I was recently in Paris for a show and obviously used the opportunity to have a paint.  I had planned to paint 2 pieces, but this piece turned out to be a bit of a bitch to paint as it was mainly on glass.  

I have never painted on glass before and I won’t be rushing back to it any time soon.

I am happy with how it came out but it was certainly the trickiest piece I have painted, the ink just would not dry.

Ah well, you live and learn and all considering it turned out preety good in the end.

Was good fun to finally have a paint with David Shillinglaw too.  We had been talking about it for a while and glad we did.  I’m a big fan of his work and I find this an interesting collaboration.  Unfortunately I had to leave before he had finished his part so there were a few facebook messages back and forth but he did a great job in the end, looking forward to having a proper paint with the man soon enough hopefully

Shout out to Paris Freewalls and the guys at Thgallery for letting us paint there shop up, great guys and hopefully going to be working on some Tshirts with them pretty soon.